Dear Valued Customers,
Anda® natural essences are exctracted from plants and trees located in the region of Borneo, East Malaysia and do not contain any dangerous, chemicals and/or toxic ingredients, such us :

  • colorants

  • additives

  • preservatives

  • alcohol

Our unique, exotic and 100% natural essences are seasonal products; some of them are collected before the monsoon season only (the so called rainy season), some others just after the monsoon, each one has its own special scent. The clear and crystalline color of Anda® essences shows that they are free from any impurity

Ingredients listed on labels match EU standards and are naturally produced by the trees and plants together with enviroment (rain, sun, mist) and parfum as first ingredient means that all our essences are naturally scented.

Anda® natural essences are carefully tested by renewed University Labs (proof on file). Not tested on animals.

The Borneo region (East Malaysia) is an uncontaminated area where pollution is unknown and animals live free and local native people are still living in harmony with the nature. The procedure of exctraction of our essences is completely safe for all Borneo enviroment.

Anda® natural essences are unique because when you apply them directly on your skin (arms or belly) combine with your personal body scent and will give you a long lasting nice smell that will attract people around you! The main reason why you can apply them directly on your skin is because they do not contain alcohol. Anda® essences are unisex, so you can choose according to your personal taste. Some are sweet, some are bitter, some have a floral, musky , aromatic, or a fruity scent, some are more intense, some more delicate.

Once you have tried Anda® natural essences you will fall in love with them!

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